Butterfly Rooftop Air Inlet


Air Window Poultry Farm Rooftop Air Inlet Atiic Ventilation

● ABS engineering plastic and PVC plastic material processing.

● Good thermal insulation effect, is the best choice for ventilation ceiling, corrosion resistance, anti-aging.

● No deformation, tight close and open easily, length can be customized.

TypeMaterialOutline DimensionInstallation DimensionVentilation Rate
HCD-730ABS+PVC730×610×160 mm670×520 mm4000 m³/h
HCD-800ABS+PVC800×610×160 mm740×520 mm4528 m³/h
HCD-1000ABS+PVC1000×610×160 mm940×520 mm6500 m³/h
HCD-1200ABS+PVC1200×610×160 mm1140×520 mm7200 m³/h

Air window product features:

▓ Each group of ventilation Windows can be opened at the same time three angles, uniform ventilation. The inlet window close to the fan opens smaller, and the one far away from the fan opens larger, to achieve uniform ventilation;

▓ The opening and closing of the inlet window are made of plastic small wheel, which has rolling friction and small resistance. Plastic window containing UV resistant raw materials, longer service life;

▓ The spring of inlet window is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

Air Inlet control device:
Automatic control: According to the pressure difference set by the environmental controller, the motor is controlled to pull into the small window door opening size, automatically reach the pressure difference requirements set by the poultry house.

Manual control: the operator observes the negative pressure gauge of the coop and manually operates the winch until it reaches the set value of the pressure gauge, or it is controlled by the operator based on experience.

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