Warranty Clause

Warranty Clause:

We offer a two-year free warranty on our products .

  • After initial confirmation by our company’s technical personnel as the company’s product quality problem, the customer will return the product, and finally confirmed as the product quality problem, our company bears the round-trip freight;
  • After the technical personnel of our company preliminarily confirm the quality problem of our products, the customer returns the product, and the final confirmation is non-product quality problem, and our company bears the freight for the return to the customer.
  • Without the confirmation of our technical personnel and business personnel and sent back products without authorization, our company does not bear any costs.


  • The company provides lifelong free maintenance services for all products, such as parts need to be replaced in the maintenance process, only parts are charged. Free maintenance period, product freight are borne by the customer.


  • For the failure of new products, the company provides three months of free replacement service, customers should first send back the faulty products by logistics or express delivery, and the company will send another new product back to the customer after receiving it. Our company bears the freight of returning the product to the customer;
  • The company’s products have been strictly tested before the warehouse, so the new product failure is quite rare, please be sure to read the manual or consult our technical support personnel, or our technical support personnel to assist customers remotely to operate. After our technical support personnel confirm the product problem, the product will be sent back to our company to avoid time and postage consumption on the round trip.

The following points should be noted when exchanging goods:

  • The packaging must be complete when sent back to avoid damage during delivery.
  • The appearance of the product is damaged, and any of the accessories or outer boxes are not complete.
  • If it is confirmed that the equipment is not a product fault after the inspection, but the consumer’s own operation negligence, mistakenly thinking that the equipment is faulty, the company will not bear the freight.(The consumer’s own operation negligence includes: the equipment is damaged due to wrong connection, the wire is broken off due to careless use, and the equipment cannot be used normally
  • due to operation error…… etc.)
  • Non-product failure replacement:
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the appearance or function of the product received, he can apply to the company for replacement service within one week after receiving the product. After verification by the company, the product will be returned.
  • After the company confirms that the returned product has no damage in appearance, good packaging, and no quality problems after testing, the customer can replace other products with equivalent value.
  • For the replacement of products, if there is a difference in price, the difference is partially made up by the customer, but the Company does not return the difference to the customer in any form.
  • The replacement product will no longer enjoy the non-product fault replacement service. Return freight and other costs arising from non-product failure replacement service shall be borne by the customer;