Automatic Egg Incubator



Automatic hatching machine is above the incubation area, below the gift of a layer of chick area, chick frame is less, suitable for batch hatching cycle shell according to the capacity of the box.
Three with the all-in-one machine is a set of hatching tray has a set of chick frame, the whole batch of eggs at the same time out of the shell is more convenient, hatching with egg tray, out of the chick out of the shell frame; It is the hatching machine, and the shell machine can also breed chicks.

Equipment using high strength non-toxic color steel composite board for the box, high temperature resistant. Insulation, chrome plated copper parts heating and temperature supply, the use of return wing fan, fan stirring, so that the internal temperature and humidity uniform, air exchange mode, the use of the bottom 6 holes into the fresh air, the top exhaust gas, stable and reliable egg structure, concentrated gas for humidity, double screen intelligent computer digital display control system more accurate.

❶ High economic benefits.
❷ Not afraid of power failure: there is automatic control of electricity, no electricity manual monitoring. It can operate normally for a long time after power failure.
❸ Safe and reliable: heating the furnace is to heat the water in the heater first, and the hot air and hot water will enter the water tray along the rubber hose. The furnace and the machine will be separated, and the machine will be safe and odorless. The machine uses high temperature resistant insulated nickel-chromium plastic-coated heating parts for heating.
❹ the machine above incubation, below the chick, a multi-purpose machine.
❺ double heating pipe, double humidification pipe, double switch control heating, humidification.
❻ Save electricity. Compared with the original automatic hatching machine, 50% less electricity, suitable for home users, save the investment amount.

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