Air Cooler


Industrial Air Cooler
● High air volume cooling
● Energy saving, low energy consumption
● Frequency conversion remote control
● Resistant to aging and corrosion

Environmental protection air conditioning, also known as evaporative air cooler, water air conditioning or water cooled central air conditioning, is a collection of cooling, ventilation, antifouling, odor removal in a cooling ventilation unit. In addition to environmental air conditioning can make the company’s production workshop, public places, commercial services, games and entertainment places produce fresh air and reduce the temperature, there is a key feature – environmental protection, energy saving, environmental protection!

This is a new upgraded green product with no refrigeration compressor, no freon and no air conditioning copper tube. The key component is the evaporative cooling water curtain (multi-layer wavy chemical fiber composite) and the main motor of 1.1KW, which is only 1/8 of the power consumption of traditional central air conditioning, and can save electricity more effectively in various fields.



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