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ModelTypeHolesSizeMaterialSteel plate ThicknessWeight
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side6900×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm41kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side81040×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm46kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side101250×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm52kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side121500×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm59kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side141800×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm74kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side3900×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm30kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side41040×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm33kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side51250×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm37kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side61500×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm42kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side71800×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm48kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side6600×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm14kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side8700×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm16kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side10900×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm19kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side121200×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm24.5kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side3600×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm10kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side4700×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm12kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side5900×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm14kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side61200×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm16kg

Product Description:

Pig feeding equipment, meticulously designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of swine in livestock farming. With its advanced features and practical benefits, our pig feeder offers unparalleled performance, efficiency, and adaptability to optimize the feeding process for swine.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Feed Flow: The pig feeding equipment is equipped with adjustable feed flow mechanisms, allowing for precise control over the amount of feed dispensed, catering to the diverse dietary requirements of swine at different growth stages.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from robust, high-quality materials, our pig feeder is designed to withstand the rigors of swine farming environments, ensuring longevity and reliability in operation.
  • Waste Reduction Design: The feeder incorporates features to minimize feed wastage, such as anti-waste barriers and efficient feed delivery mechanisms, optimizing feed utilization and reducing overall feed costs.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our pig feeder is designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, promoting hygienic feeding conditions and contributing to the health and well-being of the swine.


  • Precision Feeding: The adjustable feed flow allows for precise feeding control, promoting optimal nutrition and growth rates for swine, leading to healthier and more productive livestock.
  • Cost Efficiency: By minimizing feed wastage and optimizing feed utilization, our pig feeder offers a cost-effective solution for swine feeding, ultimately contributing to improved profitability for livestock operations.
  • Customizable Feeding: The feeder’s flexibility in adjusting feed flow enables tailored feeding regimens and diets to meet the specific needs of different swine groups and production goals.
  • Hygienic Feeding Environment: With its easy maintenance and waste reduction features, our pig feeder promotes a cleaner and more hygienic feeding environment, supporting the health and welfare of the swine.

Application Scenarios:

  • Farrowing Facilities: Our pig feeder is well-suited for farrowing facilities, where precise and controlled feeding is essential for ensuring the health and growth of nursing piglets.
  • Grow-Finish Barns: In grow-finish barns, our feeder facilitates the delivery of tailored diets, supporting efficient growth and development of market-weight swine.
  • Swine Breeding Operations: Our pig feeder is ideal for swine breeding operations, offering customizable feeding options to support the diverse nutritional needs of sows, boars, and growing piglets.

Pig feeding equipment is a valuable asset for modern swine farming, offering precision feeding, cost efficiency, and customizable feeding options. Its durable construction and hygienic design make it an ideal choice for optimizing the feeding process and promoting the overall well-being of swine in various production settings.

For further inquiries or specific details regarding our pig feeder, please feel free to contact us via the provided contact information. We are committed to providing tailored solutions to meet your swine feeding needs.

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