Industrial Exhaust Fan With Shutters


Industrial Exhaust Fan With Shutter

● Push-pull type

● Galvanized thicken housing

● Auto shutter

● High quality belt

● High density grid guard

● U-shaped stampe SS fan blades

● Brand copper motor


TypePush-pull typePush-pull typePush-pull typePush-pull type
Blade Diameter710 mm900 mm1000 mm1270 mm
Blade Speed660 r/min500 r/min600 r/min458 r/min
Motor Speed1400 r/min1400 r/min1400 r/min1400 r/min
Air Volume25000 m³/h33000 m³/h35500 m³/h44000 m³/h
Pressure60 Pa70 Pa70 Pa75 Pa
Noise≤60 db≤64 db≤70 db≤70 db
Height800 mm1000 mm1100 mm1380 mm
Width800 mm1000 mm1100 mm1380 mm
Thick510 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm

Industrial Exhaust Fan With Shutter

The louvers of our push pull type exhaust fan all adopt a centrifugal opening mechanism to ensure that the louvers can be fully opened and closed. When fully closed, the shutters effectively block out the natural wind and light outside. When opened, it provides maximum air intake. Commercial louvered exhaust fans are ideal for ventilation and cooling in animal husbandry, greenhouse industries and industrial workshops.

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