Industrial Box Fan for Superior Ventilation and Airflow Control


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TypePush-pull typePush-pull typePush-pull typePush-pull type
Blade Diameter710 mm900 mm1000 mm1270 mm
Blade Speed660 r/min500 r/min600 r/min458 r/min
Motor Speed1400 r/min1400 r/min1400 r/min1400 r/min
Air Volume25000 m³/h33000 m³/h35500 m³/h44000 m³/h
Pressure60 Pa70 Pa70 Pa75 Pa
Noise≤60 db≤64 db≤70 db≤70 db
Height800 mm1000 mm1100 mm1380 mm
Width800 mm1000 mm1100 mm1380 mm
Thick510 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm

Product Description:

Industrial box fan are crucial components in livestock farming facilities, offering efficient ventilation and air circulation. Specifically designed for the agricultural and livestock industry, these fans play a pivotal role in maintaining ideal environmental conditions within the barn or building. With their powerful capabilities, exhaust fans contribute to creating a healthier, more productive, and comfortable environment for both livestock and workers.


  • Robust Construction: Exhaust fans are built with durable materials, allowing them to withstand the harsh conditions commonly found in livestock farming environments.
  • High Airflow Capacity: These fans are capable of moving significant volumes of air, ensuring proper ventilation and cooling throughout the facility.
  • Weather Resistance: Many exhaust fans are designed to resist the effects of varying weather conditions, providing reliable performance year-round.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Modern exhaust fans are engineered for energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs for the livestock facility.
  • Variable Speed Options: Some exhaust fans offer variable speed controls, allowing farmers to adjust airflow according to specific requirements.


  • Improved Air Quality: Exhaust fans effectively remove stale air, odors, and airborne contaminants, promoting superior air quality inside the livestock facility.
  • Temperature Regulation: By facilitating air circulation, these fans help regulate temperature and humidity levels, creating a more comfortable and conducive environment for livestock.
  • Disease Prevention: Proper ventilation reduces the risk of disease transmission among animals by minimizing the buildup of pathogens and harmful microorganisms.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Livestock raised in well-ventilated environments tend to exhibit better growth rates, feed conversion, and overall productivity.
  • Worker Comfort: Exhaust fans contribute to a more pleasant working environment for farm staff by minimizing heat and odors.

Application Scenarios:

  • Poultry Farms: Exhaust fans are essential for maintaining optimal airflow and temperature control in poultry barns, contributing to improved bird health and productivity.
  • Dairy Barns: In dairy farming, exhaust fans help manage moisture levels and prevent heat stress among dairy cows, ultimately enhancing milk production.
  • Pig Barns: These fans play a crucial role in managing air quality and temperature in pig housing, supporting the well-being and growth of the animals.

In conclusion, exhaust fans are indispensable in modern livestock farming, offering a range of benefits including improved air quality, temperature regulation, and increased productivity. With their robust construction and advanced features, these fans are widely utilized in various livestock farming scenarios, effectively contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the industry.

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