Pig Feeder


  1. The whole body of the stainless steel trough is made of stainless steel, with complete sizes and specifications, which is convenient for pig farms;
  2. The feed trough is designed with a partition plate, which can ensure that the pig eats the feed cleanly, avoiding waste and mildew;
  3. Feeding in a porous position to avoid pigs fighting for food and reduce pigs’stress;
  4. Enlarge the storage barrel with the automatic feeder, so that the pigs can be cut by moving, ensuring that the pigs can eat all day, increase the feed intake, and shorten the slaughter time;
  5. Multi-position regulator, can adjust the feeding amount according to the feeding speed of pigs, reducing feed waste;
  6. Slope feeding chassis to prevent pigs from arching out the feed and reduce waste;
  7. The trough is assembled with hundreds of anti-threading screws, which is strong and durable.


ModelTypeHolesSizeMaterialSteel plate ThicknessWeight
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side6900×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm41kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side81040×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm46kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side101250×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm52kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side121500×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm59kg
Fatten Pig FeederDouble-side141800×735×900Stainless steel1.2mm74kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side3900×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm30kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side41040×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm33kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side51250×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm37kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side61500×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm42kg
Fatten Pig FeederSingle-side71800×450×900Stainless steel1.2mm48kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side6600×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm14kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side8700×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm16kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side10900×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm19kg
Wean Pig FeederDouble-side121200×500×550Stainless steel1.0mm24.5kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side3600×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm10kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side4700×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm12kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side5900×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm14kg
Wean Pig FeederSingle-side61200×350×550Stainless steel1.0mm16kg
重量 N/A
尺寸 N/A



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