Manual of automatic egg incubator machine

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The automatic egg incubator uses two C3 C5 heating tubes for heating, and adopts two humidification methods: water humidification and electric humidification.

Turn on all C3 C5 water humidifier (humidifying C3) and electric humidifier (humidifying C5) to reduce preheating time and fast test machine.

When the temperature reaches the set temperature of 37.5 degrees and the humidity of 60%, the heating C3 can be turned off or the humidification C3 can be turned off. If the humidity cannot reach the set temperature, the water humidification can be run together.
4, late humidity requirements, can jointly open water humidification and electric humidification.

If the heat supply of C5 is normal in summer and can reach the incubation temperature, turn off C3. If the temperature of C5 is below the incubation temperature in winter, you can turn on C3 and C5 for joint heating to reach the required temperature of incubation. In normal operation, there are two humidification methods: water and electricity (humidification C3 and humidification C5). If water humidification (humidification C3) cannot reach the required humidity, electricity humidification (humidification C5) can be turned on for joint humidification.

If one of the heating tubes does not work properly, the other switch can be turned on, which will not affect the normal incubation.

In the peak period of all poultry breeding (e.g. 19-21 days), turn off the heating and C3 C5 can reach the incubation temperature. Just turn on, electric humidifier (humidifier C5) water humidifier (humidifier C3). (Because the late chicks will release a lot of heat, so that the temperature will not affect the birth of the chicks)

The vents on the back wall of the automatic incubator do not need to be closed during the incubation period (such as eggs) if the temperature reaches the required temperature for normal incubation. If the temperature cannot reach the required temperature for normal incubation, 1-2 vents can be closed. By the time of hatching all the skin cover vents are open. Use the stove heating, the water tray should be a layer of plastic film, according to the required humidity size, open a seam or dig a hole can be automatically wet.

Points to note:

Read the instructions repeatedly before use.

Check whether the fan is turned on and whether water is added to the basin.

When stopping egg flipping, check whether the egg flipping motor and the program control switch of egg flipping are available.

The heater and joint should be firm to prevent scalding management personnel. When operating inside the box, be sure to unplug the power plug.
5, the use of fire home temperature, the water plate should be placed above the insulation layer, if the egg rack egg plate dissatisfaction, near the water plate as far as possible not to put.

When the humidity probe is not in use, it is best to take it out of the incubator. It should be kept dry, strictly prevent dew from hanging, and it is strictly forbidden to drink the experimental probe by mouth.

egg incubator 500×500
egg incubator 500×500


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