How to calculate the number of exhaust fan and cooling—pad area of poultry house

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In recent years, broiler breeding industry has entered a new era, more and more farmers, breeding companies have built standardized chicken coop. There is also a growing recognition that standardised chicken houses can raise better, less risky and more profitable chickens. So what is a standardized coop? , insulation wall, airtight structure, perfect heating system, ventilation equipment and so on. In a standardized chicken coop, ventilation equipment is undoubtedly the most important, good ventilation can use more heat, save fuel. Faster discharge of harmful gases and water, to the coop replacement of fresh air. The heat of summer can also better cool down, bringing the chickens comfortable environment.

The function of fan and cooling-pad

The following, according to a real case, describes the number of standardized chicken coop fan and cooling—pad area calculation method.

The number of 36 “(1 m *1 m) and 50” (1.4 m *1.4 m) fans installed and the area of water curtain required for chicken coop are calculated according to the following data

The coop is 120 meters long, 12 meters wide, 2.3 meters high on the side wall and 3.7 meters high on the roof. The designed longitudinal wind speed is 3 meters/s (3.5 meters/s for cage breeding). The size of the coop is 20,000, and the weight is 2.75 kilograms (at least 0.017m3 fresh air is needed every minute).

36 “fan quantity: 20000 * 0.017m3/Kg/ min * 2.75Kg= 935m3 / min (total fresh air required by all chickens per minute)

935m3/ Min ÷60% (actual efficiency) ÷283m3/ min (the standard exhaust air volume for 36 “fans in one minute) =5.5—–6 sets, so 6 sets of 36” fans are needed.

Number of 50 “fans: First calculate the cross-sectional area of the chicken coop of 12 meters *(2.3+3.7) meters ÷2=36 square meters, and then multiply by the design wind speed of 3m/ s is equal to 108 cubic meters/s, which is the total exhaust air volume of the chicken coop. Simply put, if you want the wind speed in the house to reach 3 meters per second, you must exhaust air volume of 108 cubic meters per second.

Then convert cubic meters per second to cubic meters per minute: 108 cubic meters per second *60 seconds =6480 cubic meters per minute

The standard exhaust air volume of each 50 “fan is 675 cubic meters/min, so 6480÷675=9.6 fans, 10 fans are needed.

It should be noted that the calculated number of fans is the maximum number of fans. The chickens are young, and the fans should be used according to the actual situation in non-hot season. The fan is only used in chick rearing and winter. Its function is to provide sufficient fresh air, discharge harmful gases and discharge excess humidity. It is not suitable for cooling. The 50 “fan is used to expel excess heat, use wind speed to reduce the body temperature of the chickens and use a water curtain.

Calculation of cooling pad area:

The calculation of cooling pad area needs a data, the wind speed through the curtain. The ideal wind speed of a clean 15 cm thick water curtain plate is 2.03 m/s.

Water curtain area = total exhaust air ÷60 seconds ÷ curtain wind speed, because the total exhaust air unit is cubic meters/minute, so divided by 60 to convert into cubic meters/second is 6480÷60÷2.03 (ideal curtain wind speed) =53.2 square meters

Because the actual utilization rate of the cooling pad is 75%

The actual installation of cooling pad area 53.2÷75%=70.9 square meters, this is the total cooling pad, divided by 2, is the area of each side of the wall.