Detail control problem of cowshed fan in cowshed

cowshed fan

Cowshed ventilation can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. For hot and humid areas, natural ventilation alone is obviously not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the cowshed fan. The fan can drive the ventilation volume in the shed, reduce the sultry heat in the shed and reduce the temperature. However, both natural and mechanical ventilation are dependent on the control of details. Today we will discuss the ventilation of the cowshed in several details.

The ventilation volume of the cowshed depends on the ventilation volume of the cowshed fan. As a common equipment for planting and breeding greenhouses, the fan is popular because it can exchange the air inside and outside the shed and has good ventilation effect. In the greenhouse, the uniformity of air distribution depends on the location, design and adjustment of the air intake. The wind speed of the air inlet (244-305m/M in) can be increased by designing the layout of the air inlet and adjusting the size of the air inlet without depending on the change of the ventilation volume (without changing the number of operating fans). Air inlet size can be manually or automatically adjusted.

Only by setting the air inlet reasonably, sealing the inner doors and Windows and air leaks, can the barn fan form the required negative pressure. Fresh air outside the shed enters the shed through the air leak, which reduces the air volume entering the shed through the designed air inlet and disturbs the air distribution. Therefore, the cowshed should pay attention to air leakage.