Air cooler eight effect characteristics

Air cooler eight effect characteristics

First, the quality of the whole machine structure is reliable and decent

Branch leaf patent modeling, unit shell strength is not easy to deformation, beautiful and generous, reliable structure quality.

Two, ventilation, ventilation effect is good

Set ventilation, ventilation, ventilation, dust removal, cooling in one, large air volume, ventilation, ventilation effect is good, effectively improve indoor air quality.

Three, the cooling effect is obvious

Using a new generation of evaporative wet curtain technology, the unit cooling capacity is large, the cooling effect is good, the dry hot area can cool 4~15℃; The temperature can drop 4~12℃ in hot areas. The temperature drop in hot and humid areas can be 4~10℃.

Four, noise reduction effect

Simulation air flow field design, the horn forward sweep wind blade, effectively reduce noise.

Five, new intelligent operation

With air supply, refrigeration, exhaust, swing, automatic cleaning, timing and delay switch, setting and other operation keys, easy to operate, effective control, to achieve the purpose of intelligent control.

Six, cleaning function

Mechanical inlet floating ball valve, stable performance, large amount of water; New drainage valve, high drainage efficiency.

  1. The fan runs stably

The cast iron shell full copper wire motor is equipped with fluid blades, large air volume, stable operation, wind blade into action balance test inspection, the vibration of the unit is small, to ensure the stable operation of the unit.

Eight, full purification and filtration system

The air filter prevents dust, soot and peculiar smell from entering and effectively filters the air. The high efficiency filter box can effectively filter the chassis water, prevent mildew and sterilization, and improve the air quality.