Water curtain paper core storage must pay attention to these points are crucial


Anything needs maintenance, curtain paper is no exception, not to mention its wide use, idle period must do a good job of maintenance, in order to facilitate the next use. Regarding the storage of water curtain paper, water curtain paper manufacturers give you several crucial proposals:

1) Water curtain paper storage should be far away from hard, heavy, corrosive and dirty items broom, spade and plastic egg tray and other hard items should be far away from the water curtain placed at the same time, field spraying disinfectant or white lime and other corrosive items should avoid contact with water curtain paper, to prevent damage;

2) The front of the water curtain paper can be installed with white protective net, which is easy to block the water curtain because there is more sand in summer, and other factors such as other garbage generated in the production of the plant. Therefore, white protective net can be installed in the front of the water curtain to block foreign matter from entering the water curtain;

3) To wash the filter and water curtain once every half a month after the water curtain is blocked, the effective air inlet area will be greatly reduced, and then affect the wind speed in the workshop and the cooling effect of the water curtain, so the filter and water curtain should be cleaned once every half a month. When the curtain is cleaned, the coarse water pipe can be used to wash the sediment first, and then the water curtain cleaning agent such as oke is added to the pool, and the biofilm is started to clean the surface of the curtain, and the clean water source can be replaced.

4) After the water curtain is used for a period of time, the water quality begins to become cloudy and the number of microorganisms also increases sharply. At this time, the water source should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the cooling effect and causing harm to the human body;

5) When the water curtain paper is seriously blocked, stop the use of water curtain, use a high pressure vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust and debris on the surface and inside the hole, and at the same time use an air pump to breathe outwards inside the water curtain paper to strengthen the cleaning effect. After the completion of the absorption of water through the water curtain circulation system repeatedly cleaning, disinfection, air dry after use, restore the permeability of the water curtain;

6) After summer, we should do a good job of maintenance.


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