What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of negative pressure fan?

What problems should be paid attention to in the maintenance of negative pressure fan?

一、 Maintenance of motor

1 disconnect the main power supply and check whether the motor grounding wire is good.

2 tighten the screws and coupling of each part.

3 check whether the insulation resistance of the motor meets the regulations and check the main circuit contact. If the contact is severely ablated (the contact point is worn to 1 / 3 of the original thickness), the contact shall be replaced.

Note: during maintenance, hang a sign on the power supply to inform others that it is being repaired

二、 For the maintenance of the air valve: 1. Adjust the tightness of the belt, turn the wind wheel by hand and observe whether the rotation is stable.

2 check and replace the gasket and sealing packing between the joint surfaces.

3 clean the inside of motor, wind wheel, filter and casing. The paint falling off shall be repainted.

4 fill the rotating parts with lubricating oil to ensure the flexibility and stability of the coupling and bearing

三、 Repair and maintenance of electrical circuit:

1 check whether the mechanical opening and closing action of the regulating valve is * * and flexible, and the opening and closing angle mark is clear.

2 start the machine manually and check whether the indicator light, voltmeter and ammeter work normally, whether there is abnormal sound in the operation of all parts of the fan, and whether the three-phase current value is balanced.

3 check whether the components in the control box of each remote control point are normal.

4 start and stop for three consecutive times, and check whether the remote control of each point is correct * *.

5 test run for two hours and observe whether the motor bearing temperature and motor temperature rise are normal. Make the fan operate normally.

The negative pressure fan shall be maintained regularly every six months and the situation shall be recorded to make the negative pressure fan operate well.