Calf igloos: Scientific calf feeding for improved survival and efficiency


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Product Description:

Calf Igloos are a calf individual feeding system specifically designed for 0-3 month old calves. It consists of calf huts, fences, drinkers, feeding troughs and other components. It can effectively improve calf survival rate, reduce disease incidence and promote healthy calf growth, empowering efficient dairy development.

Product Features

  • Scientific Design: The calf hut is made of high-quality polyethylene in one-piece molding, featuring heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture proof, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It can provide a comfortable and safe growth environment for calves.
  • Precise Feeding: The calf hut is equipped with an automatic feeding system, which can precisely feed calves according to their growth stage and needs, ensuring balanced nutrition for calves.
  • Intelligent Management: The calf hut can be optionally equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which can monitor the health status of calves in real time, and timely find and take measures to solve problems.
  • Convenient Management: The rear of the Igloos are equipped with adjustable ventilation holes, which can adjust the ventilation volume according to the needs of the calves, and it is also convenient to add bedding.

Product Advantages

  • Improve Survival Rate: Calf Igloos can effectively reduce calf stress response, reduce disease incidence and improve calf survival rate.
  • Promote Growth: Calf Igloos can provide precise feeding and comfortable environment, promote healthy calf growth and increase calf daily gain.
  • Reduce Cost: Calf Igloos can reduce labor cost and improve dairy farm efficiency.
  • Long Service Life: Calf Igloos are made of high-quality materials and have a service life of up to 15 years.



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