Composite Material Manure Leakage Board: Choosing the Right Option for Pig Farms


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Product Introduction:

The composite material manure leakage board is a novel type of manure board manufactured using unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, and various fiber materials combined with a reinforced steel framework. It boasts high strength, does not harm teats or pig hooves, is water-resistant, acid-resistant, non-aging, non-stick to feces, easy to clean, requires no crossbeam, and is lightweight for convenient transportation.

Product Specifications:

  • Standard Dimensions: 1500mmx600mm, 1100mmx450mm, 1100mmx600mm, 1200mmx600mm, 1200mmx450m, 600mmx600mm.
  • Thickness: 35mm.
  • Load-Bearing Capacity: ≥1000kg/m².
  • Porosity: 30-40%.

Product Features:

  • High Strength: Utilizes high-grade cement and a mix of concrete additives to achieve strength exceeding C40. The welded steel mesh enhances the load-bearing capacity, with each board supporting a total load of 1000 kilograms and each individual bar supporting 400 kilograms (for large hole boards).
  • Water Conservation: Rational design of spatial dimensions, rounded corners to prevent harm to pig hooves, trapezoidal-shaped holes with smaller ones at the top and larger at the bottom for efficient manure drainage. Minimal water flushing is required, saving labor and reducing costs.
  • Economic Benefits: Pigsties constructed with composite material manure leakage boards effectively control temperature, humidity, and harmful gases. Certified for prevention of heat stress, these boards address economic losses during high temperatures in summer. In winter, a water heating device beneath the manure floor ensures rapid heating, providing a dry and comfortable environment for pig growth.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduces environmental pollution caused by feces.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Small-Scale Pig Farms:

    • Suitable for family-style pig farming with a limited number of pigs, typically ranging from tens to a few hundred.
    • Compact, practical, and cost-effective features of composite material manure leakage boards meet the requirements of small-scale pig farms.
    • Options include smaller-sized boards for easy installation and disassembly, smooth-surfaced boards for easy cleaning, and cost-effective boards to reduce pig farming expenses.
  2. Medium-Scale Pig Farms:

    • Beneficial for pig farming operations with a moderate scale, generally ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand pigs.
    • The water-saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly features of composite material manure leakage boards enhance profitability.
    • Options include large-hole boards to improve manure drainage efficiency, corrosion-resistant boards for extended lifespan, and recyclable boards to reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Large-Scale Pig Farms:

    • Suited for pig farming on a large scale, typically involving a few thousand pigs or more.
    • The durable, safe, and reliable characteristics of composite material manure leakage boards meet the demands of large-scale pig farms.
    • Options include high-strength boards capable of supporting larger pig groups, anti-slip boards to reduce the risk of pig injuries, and customized boards to meet specific requirements of different pigsties.

Product Summary:

Composite material manure leakage boards are indispensable equipment in modern pig farming. Choosing the appropriate composite material manure leakage board can effectively enhance pig farming profitability.

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