Screw Conveyor Elevator:Efficient and Reliable Feed Transport for Livestock Farming


Efficient livestock feed elevation with custom screw conveyors.

Product Introduction:

A screw conveyor elevator is a mechanical device widely used in livestock farming to vertically elevate feed for animals into silos or other storage facilities. It consists of a screw blade, shaft, bearings, and a transmission mechanism. The rotating screw blade efficiently lifts feed from the inlet to the outlet.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Livestock Farming: Specifically designed for the demands of livestock farming, the equipment ensures the effective elevation of various feeds for animals.
  • Simple Structure, Easy Maintenance: With a straightforward design, the equipment is easy to operate and maintain, reducing operational costs for farms.
  • High-Efficiency Conveyance, Adjustable Lift Height: Boasting substantial conveying capacity, the equipment can meet the requirements of different silo heights, ensuring rapid and reliable transport of feed to the designated locations.
  • Prevention of Feed Leakage: The equipment features excellent sealing properties to prevent feed leakage during transport, maintaining a clean environment within the farming facility.


  • Enhanced Farming Efficiency: Through high-efficiency conveyance, large quantities of feed can be swiftly elevated to silos, improving the feeding efficiency of the farm.
  • Customized Design: The equipment can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of livestock farms, accommodating various scales and farming practices.
  • Strong Reliability: With simple operation and reduced likelihood of malfunctions, the equipment ensures the smooth progression of livestock farming processes.

Application Scenarios:

The screw conveyor elevator is primarily applied in the livestock farming industry for:

  • Silo Loading: Elevating feed from storage areas to silos, ensuring that feed is readily available.
  • Feed Mixing Stations: Transporting various feeds to mixing stations to ensure the uniformity of mixed feed.
  • Feeding Systems: Integrating into feeding systems to convey feed to respective feeding equipment for animals.


The screw conveyor elevator plays a crucial role in modern livestock farming by facilitating efficient and convenient feed transport. It contributes to improved farming efficiency, reduced operational costs, and better animal welfare. With its custom design, strong reliability, and high efficiency, the screw conveyor elevator is an indispensable component in modern livestock farming operations.

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