Plasson Drinker: The Essential Equipment for Poultry Farms


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Product Introduction:

The Plasson drinker is an automatic watering device widely used in poultry farms, especially small-scale farms, to provide clean and sanitary drinking water for poultry. Developed by Plasson, an Israeli company with mature technology and reliable quality, the Plasson drinker enjoys a worldwide reputation.


  • Made of high-quality PP material: It features good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, and aging resistance, ensuring a long service life.
  • Tower structure design: The chassis and barrel can be separated for convenient transportation and installation.
  • Upgraded water control assembly: Sensitive and reliable, it provides precise water level control and effectively prevents water leakage.
  • Multiple models available: Different models of drinkers can be selected according to the size of the flock to meet various needs.


  • Improves poultry farming efficiency: Automatic water supply reduces manual labor and improves poultry farming efficiency.
  • Reduces poultry farming costs: Water saving reduces water resource waste and lowers poultry farming costs.
  • Promotes poultry health: Clean drinking water reduces the incidence of diseases and promotes healthy growth of poultry.
  • Reduces environmental pollution: Reduce Fecal Contamination and improves the environment of the poultry farm.

The Plasson drinker is an indispensable equipment for modern poultry farming. Choosing the right Plasson drinker can effectively improve the efficiency of poultry farming.




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