Axial Electrical Air Heater


Electric Air Heater

♦ Intelligent thermostat/gear control

♦ Time delay device

♦ Overheating protection

♦ Thickened outer shell

♦ Integrated fin SS heating tube

♦ Low noise

♦ Brand electrical components

TypeAir flowMotor powerHeater powerHeating areaVoltageCableWeightDimension

The electric air heater only needs to set the required temperature, and automatically controls the start and stop of the electric heating fan immediately, realizing intelligent control, greatly reducing manual and night work.

Product configuration instructions.
▓ 10KW and 15KW are single-gear control, 20KW is double-gear control, and 30KW is three-gear control. Gears can be arbitrarily increased or decreased according to actual needs. 45KW four-speed control, suitable for multi-speed heating.

▓ The heating body of the electric heating fan produced by our company is 304, W+U stainless steel heating tube, which has large heat, long service life, rapid heating and strong corrosion resistance. The thermal efficiency is more than 30% higher than the direct heating tube on the market.

▓ The electric air heater adopts super quiet axial fan, and adopts pure copper core motor and cylinder air duct. It has the characteristics of large air volume, super quiet, long service life and high temperature resistance.

▓ The air heater is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection heating equipment. It mainly converts electric energy into heat energy for space heating and realizes the concept of zero pollution and zero emission. It has been widely used in animal husbandry greenhouses, flower and gardening greenhouses, industrial workshop heating, crop drying, food and medicine dehumidification and other fields.

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