Intelligent environment controller for livestock breeding


Product Description:

This intelligent environment controller is specifically designed for ventilation control in enclosed livestock buildings. By utilizing signals from temperature and humidity probes, it enables users to maintain the ambient temperature and humidity within the building along a predetermined curve. This is achieved by controlling the operation of ventilation, heating, and mist cooling systems, ultimately ensuring optimal conditions for livestock growth.


  • Precise Monitoring: Connects up to four temperature probes (P4 suitable for outdoor use) and one humidity sensor (4-20mA) for real-time monitoring of the breeding environment.
  • Multi-level Control: Provides control over two sets of variable-speed fans, eight sets of constant-speed fans, one optional mist cooling unit, and one optional heater, catering to the diverse needs of different livestock species.
  • Intelligent Regulation: Supports timed minimum ventilation, cross ventilation, and tunnel ventilation modes. Additionally, it incorporates automatic compensation for outdoor temperature and humidity, ensuring a consistently fresh and comfortable environment within the livestock building.
  • Reliable Operation: Features an IP65 waterproof casing for enduring harsh environments. The special fan startup protection safeguards against high currents during simultaneous fan activation.
  • Remote Monitoring: Connects to computers for centralized information management and utilizes WIFI for real-time data access through IoT monitoring systems.
  • Additional Features: High-definition digital tube display, temperature and minimum ventilation control curves, high/low temperature alarms with defective probe indication, and a 10-stage controller for managing variable-speed and constant-speed fans, mist cooling units, and heaters.


  • Improved Livestock Health: Suitable temperature and humidity levels effectively reduce the incidence of livestock diseases, thereby enhancing survival rates.
  • Reduced Production Costs: The intelligent control system optimizes equipment operation, minimizing energy consumption and lowering breeding costs.
  • Enhanced Labor Efficiency: Automatic control systems reduce manual workload, leading to increased work efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The intuitive interface ensures simple and straightforward operation.


This product finds widespread application in various livestock farms, including pig farms, chicken farms, duck farms, and cattle farms.

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