Silo weighing System:Intelligent Feeding and Precise Control


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The Feedtronic 4004-A is a powerful standalone silo weighing system that provides precise feeding management for your livestock farm. It features the following core functions:

  • Real-time Weighing: Accurately monitor feed weight in silos with high-precision silo weighing sensors, ensuring precise feeding.
  • Intelligent Feeding: Automatically control feeding time and quantity based on pre-set feeding strategies, achieving scientific feeding and improving feed conversion rate.
  • Data Analysis: Record and analyze feeding data to help you understand the growth status of your livestock, adjust feeding strategies in time, and optimize breeding efficiency.


  • Manages two silos
  • Three feeding modes for flexible control
  • Up to 8 feedings per day in restricted mode
  • Supports manual feeding
  • User-friendly interface for data viewing and modification


  • Poultry farms
  • Pig farms
  • Aquaculture farms


  • Improves feed efficiency, reduces waste
  • Promotes healthy livestock growth
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Simplifies feeding management

Special Notes for Pig Farms:

  • Feedtronic 4004-A can customize feeding plans based on pig breed, age, and growth stage, helping you improve feed conversion rate and reduce feed costs.
  • The system supports multi-point feeding to meet the feeding needs of different pig groups.
  • Feeding data is traceable, allowing you to analyze the growth status of the pig group and adjust the feeding strategy in time.

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